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Bucephalandra Green Broad Leaf is a beautiful species of Bucephalandra. It features wider, rounded leaves with slightly wrinkled edges. This particular species is successfully cultivated in farms and is not collected from the wild, making it a great choice for buce lovers while preserving wild Buce's natural habitat. Bucephalandra Green Broad Leaf can be attached to hardscape material such as stones and driftwood or simply inserted into cracks between an aquascape. This plant is a very slow grower and sprouts new leaves from long, thin rhizomes. It can be propagated by cutting the rhizome and attached to driftwood and rocks using super glue gel or thread. 


Buce Brownie Blue is an easy plant, perfect for beginners. Every portion is potted and grown fully submerged.  After Buce has been grown submerged for some time, they develop new leaves which are sometimes referred to by Buce collectors as "water leaves".  These water leaves are the ones that contain the intense red, blue and purple coloration that makes Buce so sought after.  


Bucephalandra sp. 'Brownie Ghost' is one of the most well-known premium bucephalandra species. It features on deep purple color and long leaves, making it become one of the most easily recognized species. The 'Brownie Ghost' is also more sensitive to water parameters so having a neutral stable water system is extremely important for their growth. 


The Bucephalandra Brownie Purple gets purple (lilac) colored flower stems and leaves. The leaves start out dark green and will turn purple/lilac under the right conditions. With CO2 as an extra nutrient, the purple/lilac color will be achieved more quickly. The leaves are small and oval-shaped. Bucephalandra Brownie Purple is a plant that grows well but slowly with lots and little light. In addition to other Bucephalandra forms, it is recommended to fix the Bucephalandra Brownie Purple to wood or other products, but it also does well when placed on the ground (don't bury the rhizome!) where the roots will go into the ground to grow.


The ‘Kedagang’ is a variety of the Bucephalandra family originated in Borneo.

It is characterized by long, narrow, dark green leaves with white dots. The leaf can be 1-2 cm wide and up to 6 cm long.
The rhizomes are red and similar to the Red variety of Bucephalandra. When immersed, a blue metallic shade may appear on the leaves.


 Bucephalandra species occur on rock in the flood zone of fast-flowing rainforest streams on Borneo island. Bucephalandra sp. "Batang Kawa" resembles the "Brownie" forms. It has elliptic leaves with wavy edge. Young leaves and rhizoms show brown-red tones.

Generally, Bucephalandras grow very slowly. They cope with little light but look best with moderate lighting, good CO2 and nutrient supply and water current. They are primarily epiphytes for the hardscape that attach themselves to rock and wood, but they can also be fixed to the ground (the rhizome not buried!) where they will take root. The propagation is easy by cuttings of the stem tips and branches.

With its bushy look, this Bucephalandra is interesting for the planting of the hardscape. It is also small enough to fit into nano aquariums.