Critter Nation Cage Accessories

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Scatter Guards

  • Keep litter and debris in the cage and off your floors
  • Add 4 inches of depth to your Nation® pans
  • Interlocking guard pieces custom-designed to fit your Nation® pans, clipping onto them securely so they won’t fall off, yet easy to remove for deep cleaning
  • Pan cleanable with or without removing the guards
  • Lower-level guard has notched cutouts for use with an external ramp
  • Black finish makes these guards an attractive addition to your Nation® cage

Privacy Cover

  • Provides the environment your critter pet instinctively needs and desires
  • Shelters and protects your pet from drafts
  • Hook-and-loop tabs make it easy to secure full-length front panels in multiple positions for door access, allowing pet to move in and out of covered or exposed areas freely

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