Fun & Games for a Smarter Dog

Fun & Games for a Smarter Dog

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Mental exercise provides just as many benefits for dogs as physical exercise does. But once you have basic training—sit, down, come, stay—under your belt, what can you do to build your dog’s brainpower? Take your pup’s repertoire of skills to the next level with an array of games that challenge his body and mind alike. Training your dog in the course of play also allows you and your dog to have fun together while continuing to strengthen that ever-important human–canine bond.

Inside Tricks and Games for Smart Dogs:

•A dog’s perception of play and the science behind the success of play-based training

•Using treats and good timing to encourage desired behaviors

•Step-by-step instructions for fifty brain games that teach new behaviors and increase a dog’s intelligence, including adaptations for different skill levels

•Increasing your dog’s physical abilities and mental acuity as he learns

•Socialization and how it affects your dog’s attitude toward interacting with other dogs

•Introducing your dog to new canine playmates

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