JW Treat Tower

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With the Treat Tower from JW Pet, your dog will feel like a dragon scaling a castle. This innovative, treat-dispensing toy is designed to stimulate your furbaby's mind and engage him in an active game that releases a prize when he conquers the tower. Simply drop his favorite treat into the top, and your BFF will do the rest! As he paws, noses and works, treats will fall out through the three levels to reach the bottom, rewarding him for his effort. The more he plays, the more he learns. And, as he learns, you can adjust the difficulty to challenge him even more.

Key Benefits
  • Drops kibble or treats through three colorful levels with your dog's help.
  • Use his favorite snacks or kibble to keep him enriched and entertained.
  • Helps to curb destructive behavior by providing a reward-based interactive toy.
  • Challenges your buddy's critical thinking skills as he works to release his reward.
  • Made with a tough nylon frame that's designed to stand up to active dogs.

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