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The Cateco® litter box, with its all-natural, passive and unique Convactive™ technology, is designed to eliminate the humidity that fungus and bacteria need to grow, proliferate and create strong, foul odours. Make your house smell like home again with the Cateco® litter box!

Odour-Proof: By getting to the root of the problem – humidity – Cateco® is able to make a litter box that you’ll hardly even notice. Feel free to breathe again!
Self-Drying: The Cateco® litter box uses naturally-occurring air convection instead of batteries, plugs, fans or motors. A stress-free solution for you and your pet!
Easy Maintenance: A dryer litter box is one you won’t need to clean nearly as often. How does every four to five months sound? It sounds like a good time and money investment to us!

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