Aqua Seed Duo Wild Bird Feeder

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Provide a warm welcome to your backyard bird visitors with Perky-Pet Seed Duo Bird Feeder. Featuring an attractive aqua and silver color palette, this quaint house-shaped bird feeder will look great in any backyard setting. It also has a convenient dual-compartment design, allowing you to serve multiple offerings at once. Use the clear compartment to serve safflower seed, sunflower seed, and mixed seed to please your seed-loving feathered friends. Then fill the adjacent mesh compartment with peanut pieces, or simply an alternate seed option such as sunflower or mixed seed. In addition, the Seed Duo's 2 lb seed capacity will keep your birds in good supply. Thanks to the feeder's powder-coated, all-metal construction, you'll get to enjoy years of bird-feeding entertainment. For your convenience, the lid is removable to allow for easy cleaning and filling, so your birds always have access to a full, fresh feeder. Use the included hanging hook to place this charming feeder where you can easily view it.