Buenos Aires Tetra

Buenos Aires Tetra

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This species does fine in community tanks. However, they need to stay in groups of at least six fish.

When kept alone, they are more likely to be aggressive towards smaller fish.

Buenos Aires Tetras can be bullies to more vulnerable tank mates, so keep an eye out on their behavior. In a group, these fish are rather active and will often spend their days darting throughout the tank. You might see them playing in plants as well. As mentioned earlier, they will occasionally eat live plants. Stick with artificial plants to avoid any issues.

Water Parameters 
  • Temperature: 64–82°F
  • Chlorine/chloramines: 0 ppm (very toxic)
  • Ammonia/Nitrite: 0 ppm
  • Max Nitrate: 30 ppm
  • pH: 5.5 – 8.5
  • dGH 3 -10
  • Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons
  • 6 or more

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