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Be One Breed

It began with one major purpose: to create products that will meet nothing but the best for our pets while adding an edgy touch to our designs. Have you ever felt like the pet industry is stuck in the 80's? You don't want to put brown and beige dog beds in your living room anymore? How about this old unstable carpet cat tree? We all know it will end up in the basement one way or another... Don't worry, we feel your pain and this is exactly why we exist!


This store is a long needed and much desired addition to Westport. It is a small boutique-ish type store with some of EVERYTHING! I have three fur-girls who have always been very picky eaters. My first visit to the store was exactly a week after they opened and I haven't been to another pet store since. The owner (Katie) is a sweetie!! She sent home half a dozen samples of food to try my girls on. All of them with the best of ingredients AND made in Canada. I have now switched all the girls to the GO! line of dry food (and the GO! wet food in tetra cartons which are awesome too) and the midnight barf sessions they would get from their last food have practically stopped all together. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this store and it's owner. It's location is convenient to me as it's much closer than Smiths Falls or Brockville and it has everything I need to keep my fur babies happy. I moved to Delta from Toronto and I can confidently say that the prices at WWW are much better than comparable stores in Toronto. Their stock is brought in with thought behind the needs of the community and keeping in mind the best possible nutrition for their client base. If you have a feline friend you MUST check out the Silvervine toys. They were highly successful with my picky princess Alice. Katie, you are amazing! Thank you soooo much for all of your hard work and thoughtfulness. See you soon!


We have 3 VERY happy dogs right now.. this business is incredible and we’re so happy to be supporting a local business. With 3 large breed dogs, we go through food very quickly so it will be nice to have somewhere so close and with such great prices for amazing Canadian brands!


Just ordered online...very easy to find exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for making it so efficient and easy to navigate!