Toby is a tri-color Standard Beagle.

Meet Toby!

Toby is an adorable little ball of mischief. He is a very snuggly dog who loves spending time cuddling with his humans. Toby has always been too smart for his own good. He has taught himself to open cupboards, zippers, doors, and the refrigerator. He loves to beg at the table, and it's pretty hard to resist his puppy-dog eyes. He is endlessly curious and always has his nose in something. 


About Beagles

Beagles are a small breed of hound dog. Modern beagles were bred in the 1830s for hunting hare and rabbit. Beagles were bred for their sense of smell, their stamina, and their hunting instincts. In a hunt beagles will track prey and give chase. A beagle in pursuit will howl or bey. Beagles were later bred for both looks and skill and make as wonderful companions as they do hunters. 

Toby Cuddling with Oliver

Temperament: Beagles are social animals that enjoy being in groups. They typically get along well with dogs, cats and children. Beagles will often follow their owners around the house, though they do appreciate having their own space. 


Trainability: Despite their intelligence, beagles are incredibly difficult to train. Beagles are very stubborn and even a trained beagle will break the rules when it suits them. Beagles are not prone to biting, and are very quick to learn bite inhibition. They have a very high prey drive and should not be allowed off leash until they have perfected their emergency recall. 


Physical Needs: Beagles are incredibly high energy, they need several hours of exercise a day. A fenced in yard is recommended to help meet exercise requirements while keeping your dog safe from his own hunting instincts.