1st Choice Specialty Foods for Cats 🍁

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We have some limited quantities in-store.  To ensure we have what you require, it is better to Special Order these items.  

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Our 1st Choice Urinary Health was specially formulated to help prevent the formation of bladder stones through its low magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus content and its mildly acidic pH. It also helps prevent the formation of calcium oxalate bladder stones. Available in 1.8kg, 5.44kg, and 10kg sizes. 


The DENTAL HEALTH formula has been specially created to help adult cats maintain optimal oral hygiene. Offered regularly, this formula helps keep healthy teeth and gums while promoting fresh breath. Available in 1.8kg, 4.0kg sizes. 


Our fish-based grain-free DERMA formula, with fresh salmon as 1st ingredient, is ideal for cats with hypersensitive or reactive skin. Purebred cats, for whom healthy skin and shiny coats are important, will immensely benefit from this high protein food’s exceptional richness. Specifically formulated from ingredients known to reduce skin inflammation, irritation, and itching, it is designed to help the skin form a protective barrier against environmental irritants. This premium food will also enhance coat quality and reduce hair loss.  Available in 1.8kg and 4.54kg sizes.


Our 1st Choice Sterilized formula is designed for neutered cats. Since they use 20 to 30% less energy than non neutered cats, this formula can be fed to your cat at all times. It contains a high level of protein that will help limit weight gain while maintaining a healthy muscle mass.  Available in 2.4kg, and 5kg sizes. 


Our 1st Choice Weight Control formula is specifically designed for cats that have a tendency to gain weight and also for spayed or neutered cats. A calorie-reduced formula to promote an ideal silhouette.  Available in 2.72kg, 5.44kg, and 10kg sizes. 

#HypoallergenicGrain Free Duck

Our 1st Choice hypoallergenic formula is designed to facilitate digestion and is a grain-free alternative to traditional protein source foods. It is a truly unique food designed to maintain optimum health for cats with special nutritional needs.  Available in 2.72kg and 5.44kg sizes.