Bergamo Cat Covered Litter Box

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Hooded toilets are better for you and your cat. As well as offering privacy the Ariel also helps to reduce odours with its swing door and large, replaceable carbon, charcoal filter. The open front design is perfect for modern crystal and clumping litters where you just remove the solid waste and clumped litter each day rather than the whole tray. The lift up front simply makes these quicker and easier. The base is deep with a high back.

TOILET ARIEL TOP FREE – 57 x 39 x 38h

  • Active charcoal filter helps to neutralize odors. Include one charcoal filters.
  • Swinging door provides privacy and makes the litter box fashionable to be in any place of your house.
  • Complete with active carbon odor filter and dustpan
  • Enclosed design prevents litter spills so it’s great for cats that love to dig and spray too.
  • With lift up front to allow quicker and easier removal of soiled litter and solids