CheckUP at Home Wellness Test for Pets

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Wellness exams are one of the best ways to monitor your dog's health and to catch common problems before it becomes too late.

CheckUp can detect the most common issues among domestic dogs including high glucose levels, kidney failure, urinary tract infection (UTI) and blood in urine.  By using CheckUp, you can detect a health condition in time to prevent health deterioration and improve your dog's lifespan.


The kit includes

  • 1 disposable cup
  • 1 telescopic pole with detachable metal ring
  • 2 testing strips
  • 1 sample collection pipette

 The kit includes

  • 900 gm bag of hydrophobic cat litter
  • 1 disposable pipette and vials
  • 2 testing strips

Kit4Cat is revolutionary hydrophobic litter that keeps cat’s urine on top, making sample collection easy and stress free.It is non-invasive, biodegradable and 100% natural. Because it looks, feels, and smells like regular sand, cats love it. Kit4Cat is veterinarian-approved, and has gone through extensive research and validation testing.



The P-Pole allows a dog owner to collect a urine sample while taking his or her dog on a regular walk.

Each kit includes a pole (which can easily be assembled by screwing the ring into the telescopic pole), 3 x disposable collection cups with lids, pipettes and vials.


Monitor your furry friend’s glucose levels at ease with CheckUp Diabetes Detection Glucose Urine Dog & Cat Testing Strips. This non-invasive, stress-free pee test lets you measure your pet’s glucose in the comfort of your home. If your furbaby is diabetic or obese and needs his glucose checked regularly, this 50-pack of urine sticks offers a comfortable alternative to blood testing. Get easy-to-read, color-coded results in 30 seconds. 50 strips


CheckUp UTI Detection Dog & Cat Testing Strips can help you identify and ease your pet’s ongoing health concerns. This non-invasive, stress free pee test can help detect urinary tract infections (UTIs) in your pet. If your beloved furbaby is prone to this uncomfortable condition, these preliminary dip test strips can help you monitor her health between regular vet visits.

Each container includes 50 strips that provide easy-to-read results in 30 seconds.UTI Urine Testing Strips for Cats and Dogs - Detection of pH, Nitrite and Leukocytes x 50


Help stay on top of your pet’s health with CheckUp 10-in-1 Dog & Cat Urine Test Strips! These veterinary-grade strips help detect animal urinary tract infections (UTIs), diabetes, kidney and liver function, infections and more. What’s great about these test strips is that you get to check up on your furry friend right in the comfort of your own home and get results within just two minutes. Simply compare her results with the color chart—no calculations or lab instruments required!

In the box: 50 x 10 in one CheckUp Urine Testing Strips: Urobilinogen, Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Nitrite, Leukocytes