EYENIMAL 350 REMOTE Trainer Collar

EYENIMAL 350 REMOTE Trainer Collar

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E-Collars for canine education are reliable and efficient but they have to be used with caution and in moderation in respect of the dog's wellbeing.

The remote control sends a signal to the collar which emits a warning and/or a sanction. With appropriate use, the dog will liken these signals to an order/command.

Firstly the warning, to warn your dog about his mistake or to draw his attention at a distance. Then dog owner's voice, spray, vibrations or static correction to call him to order at the exact time he made a mistake.

For the stimulation collars, always start with the lowest stimulation level and determine the intesity level from which your dog reacts and increase progressively.

Training systems are adaptable to each dog's sensitivity and personality. Several lengths of contact points are provided to have a proper contact with the dog's skin.