KURGO First Aid Kit for Dogs

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  • 50-piece essential first aid kit that is stylish and functional.
  • Bottle opener/hook closure–hook portion closes & allows it to be hung when open.
  • Oxford 600D fabric with twill tape binding for durability.
  • 3 interior zipper mesh compartments.
  • Exterior zipper pocket.

Be prepared, you never know when Fido could scuff a paw or twist a furry ankle. If you own a pet you should own a basic first aid kit, one that is always there in case of an emergency. This essential kit is stylish and functional–and can easily go wherever you and Fido adventure.

What's Included

(1) Parachute Cord, (1) First Aid Guide, (4) Sting Relief Pads, (1) Tweezers (Plastic), (1) Tape Role, (1) Crepe Bandage 2", (10) Cotton Swab, (4) Tongue Depressor, (4) Antiseptic Towelette, (1) Instant Cold Pack, (2 pair) Disposable Rubber Gloves, (3) Gauze Pad 4" x 4", (3) Gauze Pad 2" x 2", (1) Gauze Roll 2", (1) Trauma Pad 5" x 9", (4) Alcohol Prep Pad, (1) Thermal Foil Emergency Blanket, (1) Scissors, (4) Iodine Prep Pad, (1) Bottle Opener, (1) First Aid Bag.


All emergency care procedures in the included first aid book are based on current veterinary guidelines . The procedures may change over time and it is the reader's responsibility to stay informed of those changes. Kurgo accepts no responsibility for injury or damage resulting from the use of any information presented here.