Martin Little friends™ Guinea Pig Food 🍁

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Little friends™ Original Guinea Pig Food is a unique product formulated to help your pet live a long and healthy life. Little friends™ Original Guinea Pig Food is also suitable for degus.

It is recommended for young, growing and active guinea pigs. For older and less active guinea pigs, we recommend little friends™ Timothy Adult Guinea Pig food. Little friends™ Original Guinea Pig Food is a completely vegetarian diet made from alfalfa hay. It is supplemented with stabilized vitamin C and contains yucca extract to help control odours. The extrusion process makes the food more digestible and appetizing with a crunchy consistency that helps to keep your pet’s teeth clean. Your guinea pig will benefit from the healthy addition of dried dandelions and chamomile flowers. Little friends™ Original Guinea Pig Food also has an added prebiotic which helps with your guinea pig’s digestion.


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