Martin Little friends™ Ferret Food 🍁

Martin Little friends™ Ferret Food 🍁

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Little friends™ Timothy Ferret Food is a uniquely-formulated for all life stages.

  • psyllium fibre to help prevent hairballs
  • prebiotics for optimal digestive health
  • yucca extract for odour control

Little friends™ Ferret Food is made from premium meat sources and healthy animal fats. As an extruded product, little friends™ Ferret Food has the added benefit of enhanced digestibility while simultaneously providing a texture and consistency that will keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. The addition of psyllium fibre helps prevent hairballs. Yucca extract is added to this diet to help control unpleasant odours.

When introducing new food, gradually increase and mix Little friends™ Ferret Food with the existing diet over a 7-day period. Food should be made available to your pet at all times. Always discard any old uneaten food and clean the dish before the next feeding. Provide fresh water at all times. Water may be added to the diet for young teething ferrets.

Store in a cool dry place.


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