Doc & Phoebe's Interactive Cat Toys

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  • Veterinarian designed to help reduce boredom and lethargy and provide hours of fun
  • Bird shaped food & treat dispenser
  • The bird spins as the cat paws at it, dispensing food into the tray below
  • Top loading dispenser with snap fit lid
  • Feathers are removable for cleaning

Forever Fun Treat Track has various ways to keep your cat entertained.

  • levels for the balls to roll through.
  • Two balls can open and be filled with treats. As the balls roll, the treats fall out and reward kitty!
  • One ball is an LED ball that lights up as it rolls.
  • The track levels have slits that the treats can fall through for an even more challenging playtime.

The bowl-free natural way to feed your cat.

At Doc & Phoebe's, we listen to science, nature and especially our cats. The indoor Hunting Feeder is the fun and easy way to eliminate common bad behaviors in cats. Manage scarf and barf, alleviate anxiety and destructive behavior, and prevent litter box issues, with this veterinarian designed feeder.


Individually packaged mouse snacker. Solves common behavioral problems in cats. Now cats can hunt, catch and play for their food.


Lets cats express their need to hunt and play with their food. Portion control and activity stop scarf-and-barf and keep a healthy weight. Fulfilling the need to hunt and play with food reduces stress, boredom and bad behavior.

Works with wet and dry food as well as treats. Suction cup feet keep the puzzle in place.