HERO Bonetics Chew Toy

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Hero dog toys are innovative, fun and durable. Our team of dog enthusiasts uses the latest advances in materials, design  technology to create toys that inspire play and interaction between you and your dog. Dogs crave interaction and approval. Help your dog feel like a hero while fetching, retrieving and playing with Hero dog toys.

Hero Bonetics are hard enough to be durable, but soft enough to be safe for dogs to enjoy. Traditional nylon chews are too hard and can cause broken teeth. They can also splinter and be swallowed causing digestive issues. HERO Bonetics Chews uses a proprietary wood and nylon blend to create a chew that is 46% softer than other nylon chews.


  • 46% more gentle on teeth compared to natural or regular nylon bones.
  •  Infused with flavour, so the flavour lasts as long as the chew
  •  Made from a proprietary durable material that is easy on the digestive system (if swallowed)
  •  Unique texted makes Bonetics easier to grip and enjoy
  •  Bonetics are able to clean dogs' teeth without damaging them