K&H Kitty Sill Window Beds

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The patent pending K&H Kitty Sill - EZ Window Mount™ is the easiest, strongest, most versatile window sleeper on the market. We’ve incorporated 2 push ’n’ turn suction cups and 2 giant push cups for the ultimate in strength. These things suck! Really! Each suction cup holds in excess of 100 lbs. yet is still easily removable for cleaning. Exclusive design allows for window blinds, curtains and shades to operate normally! Cover easily removes for washing. One year limited warranty.


Instantly turn any window into a kitty entertainment center!

The ingenious EZ Mount Kittyface Window Bed™ attached to virtually any window in seconds utilizing out proved suction cup mounting system.

Completely open at the top, this half pod design gives cats easy access to climb in and out. Included is our soft, warm and cushy Amazin' Kitty Pad™ for hours of snoozing and watching over the household.

One Year Limited Warranty.