Know Better Pre Mix for Cats

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Know Better for Cats is a premix for preparing a raw or cooked cat food.  This healthy diet is ideal for all life stages and is made with 100% human grade ingredients.  Many of the diseases associated with commercial cat foods can be avoided with a balanced homemade meat diet.

** Please note that you can use our Premixes with ANY type of meat.  The Beef Recipe Premix has beef liver powder included.

No grains of any kind are used.  Just add any type of raw or cooked meat and water.

Know Better for Cats is designed to be combined with water and raw or cooked human grade meat in the amounts and proportions stated in our literature.  It is not a food for cats on its own nor meant to be a sprinkle-on vitamin supplement.  All other cat foods should be removed from the cat's meal plan, including dry food.

Know Better for Cats - Beef & Chicken Recipe is available in 3 sizes:
Trial size 4.8oz - makes 6lbs. of finished food
24oz. pouch - makes 30lbs. of finished food
5lb pouch - makes 100lbs of finished food

The average adult cat (weighing 9-12lbs) will require about 1/4lb (1/2 cup) of cat food per day. 

All products are made fresh weekly and the shelf life is one year for cat food (if stored in a cool, dry place).  The shelf life can be extended to 1 1/2 years if the product is stored in the fridge or freezer.

*Holistic Veterinarian Approved