Living World Tree House Real World Cabin 🍁

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Living World Tree House Real Wood Cabin is made of real wood and bark. All Tree House products are assembled with safe, non-toxic glue and dowels-not nails.
This is a big advantage over nail-assembled wooden toys. Nails can pose a danger to pets after they become exposed due to constant chewing.
Tree House offers a wonderful range of quality-crafted wood hideaways, activity centres and accessories that encourage small pets to chew, exercise and play.
All Tree House products are solidly built to endure constant gnawing, nibbling and chewing. Design details are meticulously crafted to create natural-looking objects that small pets will enjoy.
Size : Small. 15.5 cm (6in) L x 15.5 cm (6in) W x 15 cm (5.75in) H.