Meowijuana Primo Kitty Weed

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A blend of the dopest ‘nip and silvervine combined into one bottle of feline freakiness! It’s been know to turn your fluffy furball into a tail attracting love magnet, that moves to LA and… anyway… Makes for purr enjoyment for all!
Large bottle contains: Approximately 52 servings per bottle - 26 grams of catnip/silvervine blend


The finest catnip that will wangle your miskers. It’s derived from the trimmings of our catnip buds, then hand processed to get the cleanest shake on the shelf. No sticks, no seeds, just some light green kitty weed! Large bottle contains: Approximately 36 servings per bottle - 18 grams of catnip


The dandiest 'nip in the patch. This catnip is infused with a smooth blend of chamomile and dandelion. Thus giving your kitty hours of fur-licking, back-arching, whisker tickling catty delights.


After a strenuous, fatiguing day of bathing in the sun and cleaning one's self, every kitty deserves Mice Dreams! A divine blend of catnip, passion flower, and lavender, plucked from the most lush soils in all the land.



An enchanted Garden Pawty is what every kitty dreams of! At Meowijuana®, we chose a little seed to sow, planted it in a perfect Earth to grow, and added a little sun and fun to create a garden of delight for your kitty! Garden Pawty is a blend of dope 'nip


Honeysuckle affects cats and what a fun effect it is!  We dug up the purrrrrfect Honeysuckle and mixed it with our dope 'nip for the blend experience of nine lifetimes. Plus, cats are stimulated by honeysuckle the same way.


Every pet loves a monumental afternoon nap in the sun. Purrfurrably, after a rigorous play session. Take your cat higher than the Sierras with this blend of our dope 'nip, sunflower petals, honeysuckle, and silvervine. Let the sun shine!



Some of that good good ‘nip and valerian root mixed into one bottle of calm and collectiveness! Kick back and chillax with this dose of tranquility. It will put your dear kitty on cloud nine. Large bottle contains: