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Manage your dog’s pain with NaturPet’s OUCH RELIEF oral remedy. Formulated with White Willow, one of nature’s best pain relievers, OUCH RELIEF also contains herbs that help your pet cope with the stress that is associated with pain. Keep in mind that dogs have a tendency to suffer in silence. Pain management is an important part of healing recovery. Agitation can disturb sleep patterns and cause restlessness which means that your pet doesn’t settle well to allow healing to take place. Provide a safe, comfortable, quiet place for your pet to rest.

Helps control your pet’s pain from chronic illness, traumatic injury, and rheumatic conditions

  • Reduces inflammation causing pain.
  • Restores sleep patterns disturbed by pain.
  • Soothes, comforts, and calms your pet.
  • Reduces fever.
  • Suitable for dogs only

Learn to recognize your pet’s behaviour patterns when they are in pain such as inactivity, reluctance to get up, agitation with being picked up or handled, whimpering, or limping. These can all be signs of pain. Discourage children from “playful handling”- pets in pain can be unpredictable in behaviour.