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Spray away bad odors with the best treatment for your pet's worst nightmare. Ordinary products and gimmicks can't totally remove all odors from the fur and skin like Mossy Oak® XTREME ODOR. A mild, non-irritating surfactant blend works with a powerful formula of essential oils to wash and neutralize foul odors. Plus, it is recommended by pet professionals and outdoor enthusiasts whose pets have been skunked or have rolled in something undesirable.


After tracking in muck & mire after training, hunting, or a fun-filled adventures, your canine sidekick will need special hygiene attention! Spray away the foul odors and grime with our Mossy Oak® Sporting Dog Spray. This gentle & effective formula was specifically developed for the outdoor enthusiast's active dog in mind.


Soothe and protect your four-legged friend from nature's pesky elements with Mossy Oak® Citronella Dog Spray. Cedarwood, citronella, clove, and lemongrass oils work together to hinder irritating outdoor elements and soothe itchiness caused by bites.