Pet Doorbell

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  • EFFICIENT : Using dog training bells have been taken as an easier, fun and a win-win way for dogs to talk with you instead of barking.
  • LOUD ENOUGH: Metal bell makes clear loud ringing sound from the dog bell, easily audible from other room even when dog softly touches it.
  • WORKS PERFECT: Just put the dog bell in any flat place. Easy for your puppy or kitten to hit or press the flat big button with his paw or nose to ring a crisp sound.
  • PORTABLE: Pet training bells can be carried with your puppy. Training bells to play games, potty training, housetraining for your pets.
  • PET EASY LEARN: With patience in training, most pets are able to learn to touch the dog training bells in about one week, and fully learned to hit them to go outside or eat or potty training next week.

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