PawzNDogz Radiant Butterfly Snuffle Mat 🍁

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Looking for something to tire your energetic pup / dog?
Is your pup / dog not getting enough exercise on very hot, rainy and snowy days?

Is your pup / dog still not tired after his walk?

Do you wish to slow down the pace of eating? 

PawzNDogz presents various designs of Snuffle Mats that will keep your fur baby's brain active and stimulated! Hide some dry food / treats in the folds of the snuffle mat / toy and watch your dog hunting them by using their "sniffing skills" to locate the tasty stuff. The soft yet durable machine-washable snuffle mats / toys have multiple level of challenges embedded in the designs to tire your pup / dog absolutely by burning their energy via sniffing. These snuffle mats not only are energy consumers and boredom-killers, but also function as slow feeding toys to prevent your dog from gulping down food in a jiffy. The slow feeding process reduces the speed of eating by 5x - 10 x and 10 minutes of snuffling is approx equivalent to 1 hour of running!

Eating and treating has never been more fun!

Looking for an ultimate challenger for your smarty pants small dog ? Then this it ! The butterfly offers a good challenge to hunt for treats from the tightest and tinest of spaces. Let's see if your pooch is upto the challenge!


  • Designed in Canada
  • Size : 28.3 in x 16.5 in | 72 cm x 42 cm
  • Material : Fleece and Felt
  • Detachable Parts : Maple leaf with Lick Pad


  • Soft fleece outer
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • 3 types of smaller puzzles for enhanced complexity
  • 10 min of snuffle mat activity is equivalent to 1 hour of running, tires your pet
  • Acts as a slow feeder too
  • Machine washable

Caution & Care:

  • NOTE : These snuffle mats, though sturdy and durable are not indesctructible and not recommended for chewers.
  • Suitability :  Complex with 3+ puzzles recommended for highly smart and energetic small dogs, recuperating small dogs across ages. Also recommended for small dogs who would love to graduate from Level 2
  • Care Instructions : Machine washable on gentle cycle in mesh laundry bags / hand washable at 30 degree with mild detergent. Gentle drying recommended in a laundry bag on low heat or drip to dry